Start your own project!

With the rapidM2M PoC Shield you can create your own application within an hour. Start rapidly with ready to use application interfaces.

1. Choose your connectivity!

rapdiM2M M220

The rapidM2M M220 is the centerpiece. It reports, process and transfers the data to the server. With the 52-pin connector strip you can easily put it into your device your PoC Shield. The rapdiM2M M220 is available in 4 different variants. The module variants differ in the data transmission. Choose whether you want to transfer the data via 2G or 3G and if you want to use the moduel in Europe, US or worldwide. On the Microtronics website you find detailed information about the rapidM2M M220.

2. Choose your interface and order your rapidM2M PoC Shield today!

2. Hardware & programming

After you received your hardware you can start to programm the rapidM2M with PAWN script.

You'll find detailed information about PAWN script in the sector Machine Logic.

3. MAP machine profile

Teh MAP machine profile is a connector in which you define the fields the server receive from the rapidM2M.

4. API

With the API you get an easy access to your data via http commands.

You can try the API in the Playground.