Family concept with long-term compatibility

  • Unchanged MiniPCI Express form factor
  • Long term compatibility of the script
  • Abstraction of hardware and software
  • Voltage conversion directly on the module
  • Up to date without additional development or maintenance costs
  • Free selection of the uplink module
Family concept - comperssion rapidM2M M120 and rapidM2M M220
Architecture of the rapidM2M M120 campared to the current rapidM2M M220

The compatibility is reflected in the form factor and the script. The form factor of the rapidM2M modules corresponds to a standardised 52pin connector strip MiniPCI express. This is characterized by its compact 30 x 5.2 51mm (BHT) dimensions. Therefore, the rapidM2M module is easily integrated even in small devices.

The programming remains unchanged with newer versions and is backward compatible. Due to the abstraction of the software layer, you can use your script in newer rapidM2M modules and thus reduce your development and maintenance costs.

Thanks to the separate architecture you can choose the uplink module. The uplink module does not have to be GSM modem. It can be adapted to the exact customer requirements. The data can be also transferred via LoRA, LAN or Bluetooth. The architecture allows you a free modem selection.

The script runs on a 32Bit ARM Cortex-M3 MCU. Based on the ARM architecture, the script is easily portable to other MCUs. The ARM Cortex-M3 MCU has a built-in flash memory. If this is insufficient, an additional flash memory can be appended.